We have created three unique plans to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from our superfast broadband! All prices inc VAT.

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Home Basic


monthly price

Ideal for homes that don't consume a large amount of data

Up to



Up to



No upfront cost
50Gb Data Usage
24 Month Contract
Upgrade to Home Plus or Home Ultra at anytime during your contract
Add a phone package & save around £18 per month on line rental
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Home Plus


monthly price

Perfect for downloading, streaming movies and TV shows in HD, and online gaming

Up to



Up to



£200 or £0* Installation fee
12/24 Month Contract
Unlimited Usage *
*Spread the cost of installation across 24 months for £8.50 per month extra

Free home WiFi survey Make the most of your superfast internet throughout your home
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Home Ultra


monthly price

Perfect for those who want an Ultrafast connection!

Up to



Up to



Only available in certain areas**
12 month contract
Unlimited Usage *

Free home WiFi survey Make the most of your superfast internet throughout your home
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* Subject to fair use policy.
** Currently available in Brora & Doll coverage areas
† Up to 50Mbps download speeds and up to 20Mbps upload speeds.

Not in one of our coverage areas yet?

Dont worry! If you are not in one of our coverage areas yet, we can advise you if we have any plans to extend into your area. If we dont, then we can offer you our 4G based system. Our 4G based system works in a similar way to our wireless, but the signal just comes over 4G! We can even get a 4G signal where mobile phones can not!

Contact us to discuss!
Highland Wireless Pricing and Plans - Wireless Broadband Cost

From 0.5Mbps to 50Mbps

Just over a year ago, we were approached by a local estate to solve their broadband problem. They could only receive a speed of 0.5Mbps using copper lines and with no sign of any ISP upgrading their copper lines, they were left with poor connections. The estate has a wind farm, two hydroelectric schemes, multiple properties and a farm that has cattle shed calving cameras. All these aspects of the estate need to be connected to the internet to allow the staff and owners to remotely monitor the day to day operations.

We set about installing our wireless technology, connecting each property/building across the estate to a series of transmission stations. They were then able to remotely access the renewable generators and download vital statistics. In addition to this, each property was now able to use the internet to the full potential.


Our superfast broadband is perfect for gaming! If you’re downloading large game files for your Xbox / PS4 or playing the latest online games, our service will work for you.



Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to make landline telephone calls over the internet. VoIP is cheaper and is better quality. You don’t need to pay line rental either.

Multiple Users

No more taking turns using the internet! With our superfast broadband speeds, the whole family will be able to use the internet at the same time.

Carol Shaw Residential User

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