Call Charges Summary

A short summary of our VoIP call charges

UK Landline2p/min
UK Mobile6p/min
Canada & USA Landline*3p/min
Canada & USA Mobile*3p/min


22 countries with landline costs at 5p/min

LuxembourgKorea SouthRomaniaSlovakia


19 countries with mobile costs at 10p/min

Hong KongDenmarkSlovakiaKorea South

*excludes USA DQ, USA HAWAII, USA NORTH A 8xx and USA Premium


Number prefixCharge
Emergency Calls 112 & 999Free
0845Access Charge of 6p/min
Non-geographic & premium numbersAccess Charge of 6p/min


Emergency Calls:

Emergency calls do work over our VoIP service. We are required under law to register your address on a database, which allows emergency services to have visibility of this address should you call the emergency services. Please be aware that unlike traditional copper phone lines, your VoIP service will not work in case of a power cut or if your internet connection is down. If this is a concern to you for any reason, you may want to consider keeping a traditional landline phone.

Blocked Outgoing numbers:

Some calls can cost our customers significant amounts of money, to protect our customers by default we block the following:

  • UK Directory 118
  • UK Premium Calls 070/09
  • High-Risk Zone*

* High-Risk Zones are destinations that are considered to have a high or extreme risk of telecommunications fraud based on current data.

Customers can request that these blocks are removed.

If you would like to download our full call list, it can be downloaded here. (Coming Soon)