Cyber Safety Week: Stay Safe on Social Media

Cyber Safety Week: Stay Safe on Social Media

This week is Cyber Safety week and Social Media safety is leading the way. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and friends all playing such a huge part in todays world, you certainly don’t want to get caught on the wrong side. The effects of hacking are real and can hit anybody at any time. So be ready, be prepared and enjoy using social media.


Privacy Settings

For mobile phone & tablet users you will know you have to update your apps regularly. Why do they do this? Well its usually down to improvements to service and updates on the functions of the app. However, these updates can also lead to unwanted changes in your privacy settings. Make sure once you update that you go in and double check your settings and that they haven’t changed. Changes that can be made without you knowing can lead to people being able to see everything from photos, personal information and more.


So, as we mentioned, apps regularly update. As important as the post update checks above, are actually updating your apps. From the first note, you will see “improvements to service” what this normally means is that updates can be making the networks safer for you- so updating can be a key way to keeping yourself digitally safe.

Do I know you?

Many people accept friend requests from absolute randoms! These are people you have no idea about but want your followings to go up, so you accept them.  In some cases, these accounts can be fraudulent or hackers looking to gain access to your information- friends lists, posts, personal details. Keep it safe- only accept people you know and know are genuine.

Use the Report Functions

All social media sites are now armed with “Report” functions. This enables you to send a report to the social network in regard to things you might consider dodgy. For example, if there are odd profiles trying to add you or posts which you think seem very suspicious please use the report function. This enables the social network to take the right steps in ridding your pages or sites with this content and making the network safer.




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