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We install an antenna

We install an antenna

A small antenna is fixed to the exterior of your business property, pointing to the nearest transmission station and will receive the superfast broadband signal, eliminating problems associated with copper cables and distances from exchanges and cabinets.

You use a router

A small business router is located within your business property which provides wired and wireless access to the internet.

Connect to our network

Connect to our network

Once you’re connected to our network, you’ll have access to superfast broadband. At our main data centre, we have an ultrafast internet connection to the wider internet, where all internet traffic is sent and received.

Connecting the hard to reach

Windfarms are generally built in very remote locations, which tend not to have good telecommunication access. To enable the wind farm developer and wind turbine manufacturer to have remote access to the wind farm it is vital that a reliable fast connection is available.

When one wind farm developer approached us to provide connectivity to their substation, we looked at multiple options. Satellite and 4G were not available to due to factors that would affect the quality and reliability of the connection. The substation also did not have a line of sight to any of our transmission stations. We then set about looking at a bespoke solution to get the wind farm the connectivity they required.

We designed an off-grid (solar, wind & fuel cell) relay module, which would be placed on top of a hill nearby, which had a clear line of sight to one of our transmission stations. Once the wireless signal was at the relay station, it was then sent onwards to the substation. The wind farm substation now receives a business broadband speed of 50Mbps download and 20mbps upload.

Our network

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Scottish Internet Exchange

UK Internet Exchange

Highland Wireless HQ

HW Transmission Station

Customer's Property

Fibre cable

Wireless Signal

How fast?

Business users can receive up to 200Mbps download and 40Mbps upload. Other speed packages are available.

Up to




Stream on multiple devices, watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

Up to




Great for productivity, social media and online gaming.

Download 20 songs in
under 25 seconds
Download a TV show in
under 80 seconds
Download a 2-hour HD film in
under 10 minutes

Fair use: We do not cap our customers data usage, all we ask is that you adhere to our unlimited data fair usage policy.

Large File Transfers

Our superfast broadband is perfect for moving large amounts of data and files!



Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to make landline telephone calls over the internet. VoIP is cheaper and is better quality. You don’t need to pay line rental either.

Multiple Users

No more taking turns using the internet! With our superfast broadband speeds, the whole family will be able to use the internet at the same time.

“We have had our broadband through Highland & Wireless for almost a year now. We went from next to no internet connection to super fast broadband. We cannot fault the service we have had for the past year. Would highly recommend them.”

Carol Shaw
Residential User

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