Finally, superfast broadband for everyone.

Highland Wireless is a fixed wireless internet service provider that delivers superfast wireless broadband in the Highlands and across some of Scotland’s remotest areas.

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How it works

We use fixed wireless point to point technology to create a series of transmission stations, which are connected to our fibre optic backhaul.

We install an antenna

We install an antenna

A small antenna is fixed to the exterior of your property, pointing to the nearest transmission station and will receive the superfast broadband signal, eliminating problems associated with copper cables and distances from exchanges and cabinets.

You use a router

You use a router

A small router is located within your property which provides wired and wireless access to the internet.

Connect to our network

Connect to our network

Once you’re connected to our network, you’ll have access to superfast broadband. At our main data centre, we have an ultrafast internet connection to the wider internet, where all internet traffic is sent and received.

Why Choose us?

Distance isn’t an issue

Distance isn’t an issue

By using wireless technology we eliminate the problems associated with copper cables and distances from exchanges and cabinets.

Superfast Speeds

Superfast Speeds

Our network is designed to have low latency and high speeds, resulting in a high-quality internet service for our customers. Our network provides faster speeds and is more reliable than satellite broadband.

No landline required

Our broadband service is independent of any your landline. Meaning that you do not need to have a landline to have superfast broadband!



We do not cap our customers data usage, all we ask is that you adhere to our unlimited data fair usage policy.


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How fast?

Residential users will receive up to 50Mbps download and 20Mbps upload.

Up to




Stream on multiple devices, watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

Up to




Great for productivity, social media and online gaming.

Download 20 songs in
under 25 seconds
Download a TV show in
under 80 seconds
Download a 2-hour HD film in
under 10 minutes

Fair use: We do not cap our customers data usage, all we ask is that you adhere to our unlimited data fair usage policy.


Our superfast broadband is perfect for gaming! If you’re downloading large game files for your Xbox / PS4 or playing the latest online games, our service will work for you.



Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to make landline telephone calls over the internet. VoIP is cheaper and is better quality. You don’t need to pay line rental either.

Multiple Users

No more taking turns using the internet! With our superfast broadband speeds, the whole family will be able to use the internet at the same time.

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Home Basic


monthly price

Ideal for homes that don't consume a large amount of data

Up to



Up to



No upfront cost
50Gb Data Usage
24 Month Contract
Upgrade to Home Plus or Home Ultra at anytime during your contract
Add a phone package & save around £18 per month on line rental
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Home Plus


monthly price

Perfect for downloading, streaming movies and TV shows in HD, and online gaming

Up to



Up to



£200 or £0* Installation fee
12/24 Month Contract
Unlimited Usage *
*Spread the cost of installation across 24 months for £8.50 per month extra

Free home WiFi survey Make the most of your superfast internet throughout your home
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Home Ultra


monthly price

Perfect for those who want an Ultrafast connection!

Up to



Up to



Only available in certain areas**
12 month contract
Unlimited Usage *

Free home WiFi survey Make the most of your superfast internet throughout your home
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* Subject to fair use policy.
** Currently available in Brora & Doll coverage areas
† Up to 50Mbps download speeds and up to 20Mbps upload speeds.

Not in one of our coverage areas yet?

Dont worry! If you are not in one of our coverage areas yet, we can advise you if we have any plans to extend into your area. If we dont, then we can offer you our 4G based system. Our 4G based system works in a similar way to our wireless, but the signal just comes over 4G! We can even get a 4G signal where mobile phones can not!

Contact us to discuss!

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Our customer portal allows you to view your account, change personal details, amend billing details, view your services and manage invoices.




If you are in need of some help, our support section will provide you with all you need.

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Call us on 01862 808077 and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

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Highland Wireless - Superfast Fixed Wireless Broadband in Scotland

About Highland Wireless

We are a wireless internet service provider (WISP) that delivers superfast internet services to our customers. With a history of delivering fixed wireless systems across some of Scotland’s remotest areas. We are installing our wireless technologies to provide superfast broadband to homes and businesses, that have gone without for so long.

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Highland Wireless FAQ

A few common questions. For a full list, head over to our knowledgebase.

  • What is Fixed Wireless?

    Fixed wireless is when devices are located in fixed locations, like a house or commercial property, as opposed to mobile phones and tablets that move around. Generally, a small CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) unit is placed on the exterior of your property and will receive a signal from the nearest transmission station. Unlike some old copper cables and cellular signal, fixed wireless provides a very reliable and superfast service.

  • Do I need line of sight?

    Yes, you will generally need line of sight to the nearest transmission station to receive the signal. Don’t worry if you live within trees or do not think you can get line of sight – when we come to carry out our survey we will discuss the different options with you. We have a few different ways up our sleeve to get our signal to you!

  • Do I need a phone line?

    No, you do not need a phone line to receive our service. If you would like to keep your current landline telephone number you can either continue with your current phone line provider or move over to VoIP.

  • What is VoIP?

    VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It allows you to make and receive landline telephone calls using your new internet connection, resulting in no line rental costs!

  • When will you be in my area?

    Please check our coverage map to see when we will be in your area. If there is no information about your area on the coverage map, please contact us and we can advise you on our plans.

  • What is a Fair Use Policy (FUP)?

    There is no limit to your data usage but we do request that you adhere to the Fair Usage Policy. The Fair Usage Policy, details that users use their connection in moderation – so basically do not download the whole internet in one night! The FUP is in place to ensure the network is performing well for everybody at peak times. If our monitoring system notices that a user is using large amounts of data and not following the FUP, we will throttle their connection at peak times. We don’t do this to be difficult, but we want to keep the network fast for everybody.

  • I have a small home business, am I classed as a business customer?

    No, if you are a small home business user, you will be classed as a residential customer. We recommended all businesses to get in contact with us to find the best package for their needs.

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